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Southern California Surf Music, 1960-1966 (Images of America)  by John Blair Paperback Apr 2015

This is John Blair (of Jon & The Nightriders) latest book that charts the rise of surf music and the key role that Dick Dale had in popularizing surf music.

This is a great read - informative, well researched and well written. It’s a worthy addition to any surf music fans bookshelf.

Surf Beat: Rock 'n' Roll's Forgotten Revolution

"Surf Beat" tells the story of the birth of surf music, and its persistent survival and reinvention in the face of decades of dismissal as a mere cultural aberration. C Surf music authority and author Kent Crowley uncovers the story of the initial emergence of surf music as first a local, then a national and international phenomenon, and its subsequent waves of popularity through the ensuing decades.

Pop Surf Culture.

An insightful and thorough chronicle tracing the roots of the surf boom and its connection to the Beat Generation and 1960s pop culture.  This is one of the most comprehensive books about surf and beach culture out there.