The Waterboarders are a three piece guitar, drums and bass band playing authentic surf instrumentals from way back when your mum was a beach babe. We have modern stuff too that also sounds like it's from way back when.

The Waterboarders are:

Eddie Stone, guitar.  Plays most of the notes most of the time.  After conquering Greenbank with the notoriously noisy Denada, he decided to start a band that people wanted to hear.  After an evening in the Nowhere Inn with Angelo, the name  "The Waterboarders" was born.  Shame Angelo went to sea really, he wanted to play bass.

Adam.  On the run from SPunk3, and dormant in Profane, Adam was easily persuaded to play bass after an Agent Orange gig.  After hours of practice in his front room testing Sharon's love of surf music to the limit, it was time to get a drummer.

Tony Popkids. A Loonie amongst us. Mr Popkids is responsible for drums like thunder and seems to be permanently on loan from The Bus Station Loonies.